Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Kasi Kona: The Blitz Patrollie Premier [Review]

by Nwabisa Sonkqayi

The Kasi Kona will bring you all fresh content from around the country. I @MissOniq007 attended the premiere of Blitz Patrollie.



Dress code was stylish. But yours truly rocked up in jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. Minus ten points I clearly need to check again what does stylish mean exactly.

The night was not about me, we can deal with my bad fashion taste later. The real deal that night was the film Blitz Patrollie and all the celebs were there that night. We saw David Kau, Joey Rasdien who are the main characters of the film. Legends of the industry like Akin Omotoso came to support their fellow comrades on their big night.

The film is about two cops, trying get recognition by busting thugs. Loads of humour, but then again its comedy its meant to make us laugh. I would call it a com-action film. Comedy and action film which was directed by Andrew Wessley.

The cast is people you already know from the comedy scene. Some are really good comedians but acting my brothers and sisters is something they should forget about. The film is not really predictable, yes it has a happily ever after ending but it has a humour twist in it. 

The concept was not original at all. When watching the film it will remind you of movies like Rush Hour and 21 Jump Street. But hey the director defended this by saying the originality prevails through the set, the actors and the locations. Watch the film, its a comedy with potential.

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