Tuesday, 28 May 2013

AKA and L-Tido [In Studio]

We saw AKA's tweet tagging Tido talking about working on a new track, well if you one of the people that believed it's a publicity stunt think again. It is good to see that these two talented rappers have put their differences aside and started working together on new music. Everyone whose been following these two will agree with me on this one, this is huge and also big for S.A hip hop. We salute you guys, and looking forward to whatever ya'll are cooking. We glad its not "BEEF" this time around hahahaha....

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Voice 2 Voice Pre Launch [Review]

by Stevinhio Wanda

Platinum lounge was on fire on Friday evening as the V2V crew held another well organized show. The line up was eye catching to any hip hop head in Cape Town and it also served as another opportunity for cats to network.

The performances were all dope but one would say the line up was a bit too long for a night show but nun the less dope performances. On a critic's point of view you'd feel that most artist are over using international crunk beats and adopting the international styles of rap wich is not a very wise thing to do for a underground cat.

On a good note the cats and groups did not disappoint, we heard the best of V2V , backyard, SIM, NUFFSAID, 300 years , phoenix and many more blessed us on the mic. I felt blessed as REZ and his sister graced us with their dope, conscious and yet humble performance.

The show all in all was for the video of Deezat, one of the artists from V2V. I had a chance to speak to him and he told us that this was the first scene to be shot from his up an coming video for his yet to be released mix tape. He also told us that there is a second video coming for his unreleased mix tape. Now that's what you call hustle. All in all everyone had a good time including the artist who some of them went home having learned something new.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Catching up with Sixfo

Kasi Music Kona: Awe Sixfo, hope you good fam. Tell our readers a bit about you man, I know some of them think they know you lol

Sixfo: *laugh*, well I communicate with my fans on the daily, you know...the little things like ''how was your day?'' and stuff. But yeah, I'm just cool with my fans like that.

Kasi Music Kona: Nice, Your music dawg any special recipe? I know a lotta cats that need it out here lol

Sixfo: If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now would it? *laughs* Na man, there's no secret recipe, I'm just one of the lucky few who maintain their creative freedom. When I record, I do what I want and well...everybody seems to like it. People get tired of hearing about bottles poppin' and sh** so...I give them an alternative.

Kasi Music Kona: Awe, You dropped a new EP. Tell us a bit about it.

Sixfo: Searching for Kimosabe is like, the sequel to my Premosabe mix tapes and well, I put it out 'cause like, I hadn't released any new material in a while so this was my ''apology'' if you will, to my fans. It's kinda like a story basically.

Kasi Music Kona: Jhb, the hip hop scene that side. Is it a scene you wish every province in South Africa could have?

Sixfo: Nope, in Joburg it's too much of an inner-circle kind of thing where the cool kids rule and the rest end up starving. My ideal hip-hop scene would be...hmmm, the scene in the UK...yeah...

Kasi Music Kona: You produced a couple of joints on iFani's new album. I see a number of people are feeling your beats, and your music is doing well on the other side. Next Kanye in the making maybe?

Sixfo: Na, look yo I believe that the only person one should ever aspire to be is a better version of themselves yabo. It's all about originality, man and just doing you..y'know?

Kasi Music Kona: Hahaha Feel you man, sometime last year we heard you got some deal. How's that going?

Sixfo: It's going swell, got a great team hey. It's SoundMinds Records and basically myself and 3 guys just thought hey...let's make our own label and the rest is...well, history.

Kasi Music Kona: When are you dropping your debut album? and the joint album with you and Maxhoseni still happening?

Sixfo: Well, my debut should be in...August/September. The project with me and Maxhoseni at the moment is TBA 'cause I haven't heard from homey yet so...I'm still waiting.

Kasi Music Kona: Ayt fam, title of your debut album and the meaning behind it? Well, I know you rappers and meanings lol

Sixfo: Avantgarde...the title has a dictionary definition. *breaking out in laughter*

Kasi Music Kona: Lol ayt fam. Will Lwansta be one of the features on it? Some family love.

Sixfo:Of course, gotta put the young'n on y'know?

Kasi Music Kona: Awe_One S.A rapper you feelin' right now?

Sixfo: Man, it can only be Mr ImSoSoGood himself - Lwansta. That's just about it.

Kasi Music Kona: Hahaha Yessir_any message for em kids tryna live out there through music?

Sixfo: I like answering this question. Kids, if you wanna make it in this business you gotta do two things: 1. Work hard and 2. Work smart and most importantly...independence is key.

Kasi Music Kona: Fam thank you for your time, looking forward to "Avantgarde". Where can people get hold of you?

Sixfo: Well, I'm a twitter addict so yeah...@sixfo_sa. Facebook: Sixfo and BBM: *reserved for single, fly females* -wink wink, nudge nudge-

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Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Best Dilaska Features

While still working on his project, "Suffer No More", KZN born, Cape Town-based MC/vocalist/producer, Dilaska has been collaborating with a handful of artists. As a producer, he gets to work with a plethora of talented individuals, whether just recording them, making beats for them or collaborating with them as a rapper and/or a vocalist.
Among the features he's done in 2012 and 2013, he picked 5 of the best; those that were received well by the masses through the different platforms they were placed on.

1. Sixfo ft Password - Versace (produced by JayTip)
Featured on Joburg-based, Kokstaad golden boy, Sixfo's Premosabe II mixtape released in 2012, this posse track saw Sixfo spill his guts alongside Sabza, Dilaska and JayTip (otherwise known as Password Crew alongside Maxhoseni, who isn't on the track) over a JayTip bass heavy, mellow sampled beat. Dilaska, on the second verse, expresses his emotions about the game, being based in Cape Town and thus being mistaken for a Capetonian (not that he was complaining though but he did express his disappointments about being overlooked by the Cape Town masses simply because he's an 'outsider').

2. King JNR - Trapped in my thoughts (ft Dilaska and Sabza)
After using this JayTip classic for an outro on his first mixtape, King JNR felt that that was a waste so he decided to make a proper song out of it. He invited two of Password Crew members, Sabza and of course, Dilaska to assist him in doing justice to the record. Off King JNR's sophomore mixtape, "Sinner's Prayer", Dilaska opens the track with yet another heart felt verse spiced up with his trademark wordplay. King JNR and Sabza, on the second and third verse respectively, take off where Dilaska left off.

3. Sabza - I Wanna Be There (ft Dilaska) (prod Dilaska)
Displaying his producing, singing and even beatboxing skills, alongside fellow crew mate, Sabza, Dilaska once again showed what a talented and skilled individual he is. Sampling Bra Hugh's 'Send me' and taking off where Bra Hugh left off with the concept and content, the two explore the ills of present day society with lines such as "...she got raped as a kid so she started hating men/ so she became a lesbian/ then she got raped for being a lesbian/... ". The result: a vibey, conscious Jozi meets The Soil meets conscious rap type mash up.

4. G.O - Watch The Tone
With the hook, sung by Dilaska, going "where am I? Where am I to go?", why this track is called "Watch The Tone" is a fact known to Dilaska and Cape Town poet, Mfundo Ntobongwana otherwise known as G.O. It's not really easy to tell what this piece of art really is about but G.O drops jewels on us and Dilaska's 'lazy' vocals compliment the lethargic eccentric beat with a lot of space filled up by both Dilaska's vocals and G.O's poetry. Not many will appreciate this one but those who do will have it on repeat. 'Deep'

5. X The Green Panther ft Dilaska and Rez Proph- Fall Back
In typical X The Green Panther style, this is a loud and energetic, club-ready jam thanks to Durban producer, Jay B (the same dude who brought us X's classic, 'Greatness'). What is it about? Pretty much noting, just Dilaska, X and Rez Proph flossing their skills and telling you about themselves and how hard they hustle, you know...it's that type of song. All three dudes come off tops with Rez Proph delivering the best verse. 

All tracks: Link [Zip]  http://www.sharebeast.com/7wehp2t3rpa9

Tracks one by one:
1. Sixfo - Versace (Feat. Sabza & JayTip)
D/L Link: http://goo.gl/hMmiw

2. King Jnr - Trapped In My Thought (Feat. Sabza)
D/L Link: http://goo.gl/uMZcb

3. Sabza - I Wanna Be There (Prod. By Dilaska)
D/L Link: http://goo.gl/ThP3S

4. G.O (From NativeRefugee) - Watch The Tone (Prod. By Dilaska)
D/L Link: http://goo.gl/sJtBL

5. X The Green Panther - Fall Back (Feat. Rez Proph)
D/L Link: http://goo.gl/1nbba

[Bonus Track] Dilaska - Home (Prod. By Chemist)

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chilling with Snarks Ou

Kasi Music Kona: Ola Snarks Ou, hope you good fam.

Snarks Ou: Salute boss! I'm all good. and still kicking like Oscar Pistorious's legs. Lol. Kidding. They look. like they rubber by the way. Jokes aside I'm fresh ma dawg. Hope you good too.

Kasi Music Kona: You fresh from Joburg , how are you feeling right now?

Snarks Ou: True that, I feel so wise right now ma dawg you know. I had an advantage of studying Jozi's Hip Hop scene, what the Jozi crowd like compared to Cape Town crowd. I feel so aware.

Kasi Music Kona: You performed at Back to the City Festival, one of the biggest hip hop gatherings in Africa. How did it feel man, to be on that big stage facing the judges?

 Snarks Ou: Back to the City was a great experience man, I had all kinds of fun but I kept on thinking about all the people who recruited people to vote for me. My wish was to see them in the same crowd that was there. To answer the judges part I will just say when you are like me, and by that I mean. When you are so used to being in competitions you end up looking at the judges as audience and rock any big stage like it's a small stage. I was a bit nervous at first but as soon as they said Ou!!! I said Snarks and I regained my confidence. Cats were tight and I was in the top 5. I'm not complaining, especially after the feedback I got from the crowd after I got off stage.

Kasi Music Kona: For those that don’t know who Snarks Ou is, Khawuzazise kubo fam.

Snarks Ou: Everyone knows who Snarks Ou is lol kidding but anyone who doesn't should know about me now coz I'm on Kasi Music Kona and everyone knows about it. Well, Snarks Ou is rapper who started rapping in 2008, opened for Teargas in 2010, performed on SABC 2 in 2011 and performed with the likes of Tumi, Reason and many more. In 2012 I dropped a track titled "Ntombazana" and it got playlisted in 5fm, released an album in March and had another track featuting my boy Axo and it got playlisted on YFM and made it to spot number 3 in  the Hot 99 charts. In 2013, I was one of the top 5 rappers who performed on Back to the City Festival in Johannesburg and the festival was attended by 21000 people. I recently signed with CIA Music. To summarize all that, Snarks Ou is a hustler.

Kasi Music Kona: When is your mixtape (Black Dreams) dropping, and why the title (Black Dreams)?

Snarks Ou: Black Dreams will be dropping later this year not sure about the dates coz I'm busy working on my album. There are 2 or 3 tracks that are out there already. I titled my upcoming mixtape "Black Dreams" coz every track I wrote from the tape was written at night in the dark, every time I get a nightmares I write lines as a memo in my Blackberry and I'm a black man with dreams that I will make come true one day. Basically I'm touching in everything with this tape sad, happy or rude. I'm just keeping it black and real.

Kasi Music Kona: Update us on the mixtape, how far are you with it, and who will be on it and who won’t be on it lol

Snarks Ou: Lol so far. I have Solid Rock on it, I can have sabza, I can have Boss, Black Ace, Axo, Maxhoseni to name a few but I don't want them to be on it. Lol, We will see man, I work with time and if the time dues I cancel features. You don't need any rapper to make it but you believing in what you do, support from fans and God. So features happen unexpectedly.

Kasi Music Kona: CIA Music Hub, Tell us about your relationship with them.

Snarks Ou: CIA Music is my new home, I signed with em when I was in Jozi. Me and CIA always had a mutual respect for each other, He loved and respected my hustle I respected what he was / is doing for local artists such as Rivln Clique, Maxhoseni and Qalazive. He offered to shoot a professional video for me. We developed a working relationship. I asked for a place to stay for 2 days when I got there for the Back to the City gig coz I have no relatives in Jozi but coz we clicked even more when we met. I ended up staying there for almost 3 weeks at his expense, he respects his work I respect mine, he my nigga , he my boss, he is my mentor. CIA Music is home like I said.

Kasi Music Kona: Johannesburg’s hip hop scene, how different is it from Cape Town’s hip hop scene?

Snarks Ou: Jozi & CPT Hip Hop scene is pretty much the same man. The difference with Jozi hip hop is that there are many rappers and they rap with more than 5 languages while we only have Xhosa, English and Afrikaans rappers here. Besides that you still hear the same punches you hear from CPT tracks. Kuyafana bro just that they are more advantaged there as we know that places like SAMRO, Urban Brew Studios, big radio stations, etc. are all there.

Kasi Music Kona: How do people that side feel about your music and your style of music?

Snarks Ou: They say "Inamasimba leh" Hahaha. . . Meaning I'm the illest. Everyone digs my fast flow even the non-xhosa speaking people. I was overwhelmed man. I felt really motivated. I think I got much love that side which got me worried coz they say charity begins at home but apha ekhaya I have been getting nothing but hate for a reason lol. But the love I got out there encouraged me. Shout out to everyone who shows love to Snarks Ou here in Cape Town tho!!

Kasi Music Kona: Any big things coming, we should know about?

Snarks Ou: Yes I have a music video coming soon for the track I'm in featuringt Andiswa Zanele. I'm sorry I couldn't get her to be on the video but she is there in spirit. I'm also dropping an album next year in September under CIA. Qalazive will release everything first so lookout for him. We both under the same label (CIA Music).

Kasi Music Kona: Your hustle dawg, is there any special method you use because we can see the progress?

Snarks Ou: Lol people always laugh at me when I tell em to google. I googled DJ C-live's e-mail, I googled Yfm's postal address, I googled how to get a record deal. . . But I never got it then. It's all about taking actions to what you want to achieve, research about it and don't be afraid to ask from those who are more experienced than you and also be willing to spend a lil bit of cash if you really love what you do. So you must have a budget.

Kasi Music Kona: Last year you dropped an Album, how well did it do?

Snarks Ou: The album did beyond my expectations man, I sold over 400 copies. . . Not bad I would have been happy if I did a 1000 lol . . . I hope I will sell like Zahara in the next one lol

Kasi Music Kona: I know you have a lot of haters in Cape Town and I’m sure they pissed right now. Any message for em?

Snarks Ou: Lol a massage for haters??! Let's see. . . Uhmmm Hi haters. Bye haters. One more thing, fuck you haters!!!

Kasi Music Kona: You made your way to perform at Back to the City only because your fans voted for you. Any message for em?

Snarks Ou: I'm kneeling down and thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you've given me. Thank you and God Bless you!!! May you achieve all your future plans.

Kasi Music Kona: For cats that still want to see themselves where you at one day. What do you say to them? 

Snarks Ou: Hustle hustle hustle hard! Doors will open eventually boy!!!

Kasi Music Kona: Where can people get hold of you?

Snarks Ou: Search CIA Music Hub and search Snarks Ou on facebook and @snarksou on twitter.

Snarks Ou we respect you man, your hustle is on point and all the best for the future. We don’t wanna say we got ya back but Kasi Music Kona is behind you.

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