Monday, 13 May 2013

The Creative Database: The Words and Beats Session [Review]

by Nwabisa Sonkqayi

The Creative Database did it again. They hosted yet another successful session. This time around big names like Bozza, Live Magazine and Blackberry are proud sponsors of the movement.

Well-presented and outstandingly organised. People who attend these events nowadays clean-up quite nicely, and even the hip hop cats show up looking all posh and stylish. The crowd turnout was quite a shock. People came out to support and that kind of erased the idea that people were not going to show up because there was no free transport.


Performances were blazing as always. 300 years killed it but then again when have they ever disappointed? Illverse, the dude who won the Facebook open For Talib Kweli competition. Where he was competing against mcees like Manqoba by opening a Facebook page and get people to like it. He defeated his opponents and scooped 700 likes. No one is sure how he managed to get more than 500 people but bottom line is he got it. In conclusion he has a huge following.

Unity band was also there and they backed the likes of Melanin Fam. Those who do not know who Melanin Fam is. Melanin Fam consists of Sphura EC, with the hit song Ndiyabulela. In the group Sphura is with Jargon, if you still remember the hit song Sexy, which was and still is a hit and oh well their political updates - yep that’s Jargon. Unity band also backed the stunning Obie The Real. That one is a cool kid. Nice performance. Some people really feel their art. Niz Earl the ripper also came through hailing all the way from Ocean View. Timo showed the crowd that he got some moves in him. Principlez, X-the green panther, Quest Maguire and many other artists blessed the crowd with their rhymes.


Well Argo had fun teaching Avo a thing or two. Two things Avo over prepared or didn’t put an effort at all. By over prepared I mean, writing down all the bars and forgetting all of them. Argo is like a fire on a windy day. He is unstoppable, two kids down. He is patiently waiting for the third kid the Creative Database will throw at him. Who is next?

The Beat Battle was boring quite frankly. You would swear the beatmakers brought all the beats they don’t even like themselves. What is not forgivable is that all four of them are really dope producers. Ill Dre is responsible for that dope beat which is track number six (1kind and Invisible Virus) in the Creative Database mixtape. Dope beat right there. Blaq Scientist won best producer recently at the award ceremony for the Creative Database. Everyone knows Abet. If you know Godsend Music, mos def you know Ncutshe. But all these four great producers did not blow the crowd away.

Ill Dre won against Ncutshe and Blaq Scientist won against Abet.

Manez from us Kasi Music Kona, we see you son. Inkqayi ingena ngentlontlo. Big things start out as the little things which everyone takes for granted.

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