Friday, 29 March 2013

A dream

by Mpendulo Mabindisa aka King jnr

Last night I dreamt of a dream
A voice of a dead body but a living soul so close telling me I was born for this
I’m young trying to live dreams always in my space working well I’m just being me
I can go out on weekends poison myself and update on Facebook that I’m having fun
I see my brothers and sisters wasting time
Me begging that they loan me some
Irrelevant to some of my friends I’m out here in the cold chasing dreams while they make a run
My 9 to 5 doesn’t pay much so that means I can’t get everything my mama wants
But I enjoy waking up in the morning getting ready to go to work it’s what I love.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Words and Beats Mixtape launch at Baxter Theater

by Nwabisa Sonkqayi - 25 March 2013


The Creative Database brought us kasi music experience which we will never forget. On the 22 of March The words and beats Mixtape was officially launched. Swag, some people had that. Ladies looking fine and ready to be dined. You would think that the hip hop cats did not get the memo. The venue was Baxter theatre and you would automatically think "Tux". Well this is hip hop, the rules are never followed, to be exact they are broken.

The event was outstandingly organised. Well presented and the atmosphere was just perfect. Even though the crowd was not as big as we all anticipated it would be, the event was still a success.

Mawande Manez Sobethwa started the Creative Database movement. Everyone now is somehow involved, from the producers who created the beats to the artists who dropped their dope rhymes on the beats. Words and beats..? Does the title make sense now? The movement has brought the whole hip hop community together. Loyal support form fans actually the backbone of the whole project.

The Mixtape consists of the likes of S.S.K, Verbal Catalyst, Black Ink, Zanzolo, Sive, Melanin Fam, One Kind, Bean and Pasco, Invisible Virus, IImbongi Zemveli, Test, Principles and Pro-X.

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Catching up with GudFellaz

Last week we set down with one of Cape Town's most promising crews GudFellas. We talked about a lot of stuff including their upcoming mixtape (1st Attack). Check out the whole interview.....

Nigrand Bafethu?

Awe we all good mei king. Hope u are too.

Ngubani/Ngobani iGudfellaz?

Gudfellaz is a hip hop crew and consist of two members (Mzk & Lemzin)

When the crew was first introduced to the public we saw 3 members but now we only see 2. Is Matto Murv still part of Gudfellaz?

Initially when we started we were 3. It was me Emzetkay, Lemzin and Matto Murv, but we parted ways with Matto Murv early in 2012 due to some problems we were experiencing with him. Now its only Emzetkay and lemzin on the crew.

Not so long ago we saw you guys performing in Baxter for the Hip Hop Kas’ lam freedom show. How did that come about?

We saw Hip Hop Kas' lam's post, calling all the artists to submit their music in order for them to be considered to perform at the show. The concept was 'Ifreedom Yethu' the songs had to be on that concept of Ifreedom. Aahh they wanted 3songs on that concept, biography and two pics.Unfortunately for us we didn't have songs that were on the concept but we were so eager to perform on the show, I mean Hip Hop Kas'lam is the biggest Spaza Show in South Africa so we couldn't miss the opportunity of performing there.We then wrote all those 3 songs in a space of a week lol. We submitted and fortunately we were shortlisted amongst other 9 acts. People had to vote for their favorite artists on that top 9.The 3 that gets most votes qualify as the winners.Fortunately people voted for us and ya we qualified we came 3rd before Emage and Axo.

You gave people a great closing performance, where did you get all those actors?  

We had a very interesting set on the show that night. We had actors on stage, 1st the idea was inspired by attending the previous shows of Hip Hop Kas'lam. We always felt like there was something missing when cats were performing on that big stage.Then our turn came.
Emzetkay came with the idea of having actors on stage. Since the Concept was Ifreedom yethu we felt like we had to stick to the concept. We wanted actors to portray/illustrate what we were saying on the song,on they lyrics.We wanted to have that 1976 setting yabo. So ya we came with the idea and Emzetkay directed the whole thing. The actors were from Iselwa drama group. Khayalethu hooked us up with them, we had a meeting with their director and everything is history.

 You guys are dropping a new mixtape next month titled (1st Attack). What is the meaning behind 1st Attack?

'1ST ATTACK' aaahh this is Gudfellaz's 1st release by the way. Basically it means its our 1st Attack to the game,We coming with full force, finally we taking a further step in chasing our goals(Attack), siyahlasela nje. The title is broad mahn. We announcing our 1st arrival.

Who did you work with on the mixtape? (Features and Production)

On features we got Rivlin Clique, Chapparol, Andiswa Zanele, King Jnr and Matto Murv. On beats we have Inffo, Black Scientist, Mashonisa, Shaka Zulu, Gary Ascenic and Dilaska from Password.

And the name Gudfellaz? Why that name?

The name Gudfellaz represent our personality. We Gudfellaz, singama jita agrand. We got that humanity, we love music.We stay away from trouble as possible as we can. U will hardly find us being involve in beefs and shit like that.

We all have haters. I saw some guy tryna take jabs at you guys on the Headwamaz page after your interview on Radio Zibonele. How do you deal with such?

Haters lol. Ey we don't deal with haters we just let them hate you know. For us it actually means we achieving our primary goal of being recognized. If we were not working hard we would not be in a position of being hated you know. There's something good we doing for people to take their precious time and talk or write about us,they giving us that free publicity.We cherish that lol.

For people that want your mixtape, how can they get hold of you guys?

People can inbox us on facebook if they want our mixtape.They must search 'GudfellazSA' on facebook.
'Emzetkay Mzk Gudfellaz Ntluko'
'Luyanda Lemzin Kwepile',on facebook.
They can call these numbers-0827422889 or 0734934179
BBM pin -29398D0B

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