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The Best Dilaska Features

While still working on his project, "Suffer No More", KZN born, Cape Town-based MC/vocalist/producer, Dilaska has been collaborating with a handful of artists. As a producer, he gets to work with a plethora of talented individuals, whether just recording them, making beats for them or collaborating with them as a rapper and/or a vocalist.
Among the features he's done in 2012 and 2013, he picked 5 of the best; those that were received well by the masses through the different platforms they were placed on.

1. Sixfo ft Password - Versace (produced by JayTip)
Featured on Joburg-based, Kokstaad golden boy, Sixfo's Premosabe II mixtape released in 2012, this posse track saw Sixfo spill his guts alongside Sabza, Dilaska and JayTip (otherwise known as Password Crew alongside Maxhoseni, who isn't on the track) over a JayTip bass heavy, mellow sampled beat. Dilaska, on the second verse, expresses his emotions about the game, being based in Cape Town and thus being mistaken for a Capetonian (not that he was complaining though but he did express his disappointments about being overlooked by the Cape Town masses simply because he's an 'outsider').

2. King JNR - Trapped in my thoughts (ft Dilaska and Sabza)
After using this JayTip classic for an outro on his first mixtape, King JNR felt that that was a waste so he decided to make a proper song out of it. He invited two of Password Crew members, Sabza and of course, Dilaska to assist him in doing justice to the record. Off King JNR's sophomore mixtape, "Sinner's Prayer", Dilaska opens the track with yet another heart felt verse spiced up with his trademark wordplay. King JNR and Sabza, on the second and third verse respectively, take off where Dilaska left off.

3. Sabza - I Wanna Be There (ft Dilaska) (prod Dilaska)
Displaying his producing, singing and even beatboxing skills, alongside fellow crew mate, Sabza, Dilaska once again showed what a talented and skilled individual he is. Sampling Bra Hugh's 'Send me' and taking off where Bra Hugh left off with the concept and content, the two explore the ills of present day society with lines such as "...she got raped as a kid so she started hating men/ so she became a lesbian/ then she got raped for being a lesbian/... ". The result: a vibey, conscious Jozi meets The Soil meets conscious rap type mash up.

4. G.O - Watch The Tone
With the hook, sung by Dilaska, going "where am I? Where am I to go?", why this track is called "Watch The Tone" is a fact known to Dilaska and Cape Town poet, Mfundo Ntobongwana otherwise known as G.O. It's not really easy to tell what this piece of art really is about but G.O drops jewels on us and Dilaska's 'lazy' vocals compliment the lethargic eccentric beat with a lot of space filled up by both Dilaska's vocals and G.O's poetry. Not many will appreciate this one but those who do will have it on repeat. 'Deep'

5. X The Green Panther ft Dilaska and Rez Proph- Fall Back
In typical X The Green Panther style, this is a loud and energetic, club-ready jam thanks to Durban producer, Jay B (the same dude who brought us X's classic, 'Greatness'). What is it about? Pretty much noting, just Dilaska, X and Rez Proph flossing their skills and telling you about themselves and how hard they hustle, you's that type of song. All three dudes come off tops with Rez Proph delivering the best verse. 

All tracks: Link [Zip]

Tracks one by one:
1. Sixfo - Versace (Feat. Sabza & JayTip)
D/L Link:

2. King Jnr - Trapped In My Thought (Feat. Sabza)
D/L Link:

3. Sabza - I Wanna Be There (Prod. By Dilaska)
D/L Link:

4. G.O (From NativeRefugee) - Watch The Tone (Prod. By Dilaska)
D/L Link:

5. X The Green Panther - Fall Back (Feat. Rez Proph)
D/L Link:

[Bonus Track] Dilaska - Home (Prod. By Chemist)

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  1. This is proper, I salute, job well done, this happen to be my favorite tracks for the year '12 and '13 too. #Respect