Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Scrambles For Money [Review]

by Nwabisa Sonkqayi

Vegita Vs Zanzolo (Chicken Murder)

Scrambles For Money but wait I think Zanzolo should refer to it as the Scratches For Money, he got schooled by Vegita and he was left there looking like an armature. Zanzolo well known for his vernacular rhymes but as from 3rd of May he may now be known for spitting whack bars. Vegita took him to school in terms of constructing punchlines which the crowd can relate to. When he got a little too personal, that's when all hell broke lose. The crowd maybe understood Vegita when he started talking about Zanzolo's ex girlfriend. Some of us might have said that well Vegita its kinda easy dissing someone about their dirty laundry, just saying. Some said he did a proper background check. On the other hand Zanzolo was left there hanging like "testi". Defenseless he was, choking on his own scripted rhymes. Its a tough battlefield out there.

1Kind Vs Overbergnerd (Black and White - No that's racist)

1kind is a battle emcee. Its no secret that if you battle him you are battling a smart kid. Have you ever been to a battle show and while you are there you feel like you at some Einstein class? 1kind did not win, the white kid won. And no black people this has nothing to do with his white genes. The judges saw that the white kid was entertaining. No wait I can't really explain why that kid won. He was jumping around- up and down. He was spitting his scripted bars, and I still cant see the advantage he had against 1Kind. Nevertheless the battle was too nice, even though there wasn't a clear winner, at the end of the day Overbergnerd won because someone had to take the cheddar.

Dark Cloud Vs Ruffkat(I brought My hommies, Dark Cloud you dig?)

Ruffkat- that cat is not rough. Yes he won. He came there all confident and all trying to be gangster, and he took the battle right out of Dark Cloud's hands. Dark cloud is hardcore. Dark Cloud is what you call an underground cat. Expectations were too high, I mean he had to leave up to the standard of the music he does, but he failed to do so. Well you see Dark Cloud this is what happens when you dont do a proper background check on someone. This is what happens when you battle someone who is not on your level- you elevate them, now my broe you all play in the same league! The crowd might not have understood Dark Cloud but hey he should have known what kind of crowd he was catering for. Ruffkat killed Dark cloud. Well if you do not agree you would agree that he connected with the crowd. He might have brought his homies with him to cheer for him, but hey the judges desicion is final.

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