Tuesday, 30 April 2013

King Jnr - Mannish Boy [Free Download]

[Free Download] King Jnr - Mannish Boy (Prod. by Shaka Zulu)


The track will only be available today for free downloads. Those that were not able to get it, it will also be on King Jnr's upcoming mixtape dropping (June 29). RIP Muddy Waters.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Back To The City 2013

It is well known that BTTC is the biggest hip hop gathering in Africa. Everyone is talking about it, in the streets, online, it is promising to be even bigger this year with a huge line up and a surprise international act that know one knows about. It might be Jay Z hahahaha....be there to check the artist out yourself it might be just him, you just never know.


Mc's ~ Main Stage

Articulate Artists    
Frat Pack    
Future History     
Gigi Lamayne     
Gingerbread Man      
Jay Stash
Lastdays Fam
Neo Beats
Pitch Black Afro

Space Man
Sbuda P
Siya Shezi
Social Commentary Forum
Toolee Stark
Towdee Mac


Dj Kenzhero
Tha Cutt
Blaq T


Okmalumkoolkat /Dirty Paraffin
DJ Vardz


Most Wanted


Bo$$ Players
Quest Boys

Amen Couture
Cheese Girls
Jozi Mental
Kreative Beings
N.O.T.E Clothing
State Of Guru
Styla Gang



Siya Zulu
Snarks Ou


13 Beats 
J Dubz
J Smallz

Check out their site for more details  you could also stand a chance to some great prizes leading up to the event. Yo the ticket prices keep going up every day though, I suggest you get yours asap! 3 Days to go.


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Monday, 22 April 2013

Catching up with Maxhoseni (Ikhoboka Lenyaniso)

Ola bhut’ Maxho uright?

Kuryt baba zthin

All good fam, khawutsho ke since a lot of people bekugqibele k’ dala what have you been up to?

I have been recording verses for artists from KZN, JHB and Eastern Cape. It was great playing a part in contributing to these artists albums and mixtapes. As a former host for a Hip-Hop show on Ekhephini Community Radio I have grown within the craft of entertaining. In the past lots of my time was spent motivating and paving the way for other artists, but this year it's all about MaXhoseni.

Your new album, tell us more about it. Who did you work with, when did it drop, how is it doing etc.

"Music for the listeners" is something from the soul that will change the lives of many who take the time to listen to it as it speaks to each individual and has a resounding message of hope and motivation to fight through all challenges in life. The project was released in March this year and I've worked with JayTip, Dilaska, Sabza, X the Green Panther, Sixfo, Chillimane, Azaria Beatz, Dogg Squad, Lali-Boy & Un-decided Crew. This project has a bonus track "Kleva Unga Give Up" by Da Nombika feat. Lastee, Tellaman & Rajah. I am now busy with Radio interviews and performances around E.C to promote the project and ensure that it reaches the people. The response I have received has been great and I'm loving all the feedback received from those who have purchased my CD.

From back to the Lampiter Clan days to now, how have Maxhoseni grown as a writer and MC?

I don't just write for the sake of writing. I make sure that each verse I write has an influence and makes an impact on the listener. I write about issues that everyone can relate to.

You have a new crew now (Password Crew). Tell us more about that and where do you fit in as the only spaza rapper in the crew?

Everyone has their own fresh style in the crew. We are all unique so I don't feel like I'm the only one who stands out.

Should we expect something new from Password Crew? 

People should expect our new single "Till We Meet Again". It talks about our differences caused by the places/communities that we live in. The crew initially started with us all staying in Cape Town but we have now separated. I'm in E.C, Dilaska is based in Cape Town and JayTip & Sabza are in Johannesburg.

You’ve been to a lot of places including Johannesburg, are people feeling Spaza Music?

People have been receiving Spaza Music very well. If we could work together just with the same unity shown by artists who make Motswako, Spaza would grow and become dominant within the mainstream music scene.

You once mentioned that you are signed with Intloko Zenyoka Entertainment. Are you still with them?

No I wasn't signed with them but I joined their movement while I was in Cape Town, so that I could push their mixtapes there and they did the same for my music in the EC. And yes, I still work with them. I have just produced a beat which will be in Iintloko Zeenyoka's upcoming album.

The track “honey” is a classic and everyone loves it. Do you think things would’ve been the same if you didn’t have a classic track like that behind you?

My listeners really love that track and my lil sister (Linamandla Pateni) knows every word to that song. Honey has opened many doors for me and had it not been recorded I may have not been as well-known or even given the opportunity to do interviews such as this. I just hope that one day Zenande Mfenyana (Noluntu Memela on Generations) would hear the track and respond to my Tweets. Who knows? We may just become the hottest couple in future.

Now you have “Xa Ndifile”, tell us more about the joint.  Who produced it, what it’s all about etc.

'Xa Ndifile' is just a song which I released on the internet. I did not make it with the intention of making it a single but I realized that listeners really liked it, so I decided to distribute it to radio stations. After submission this track has been play listed on Umhlobo Wenene FM, TruFM, Mdantsane FM and other local radio stations. It has made it to the Top 10 hottest hip hop songs on Motsweding FM. The song talks about something everybody thinks about. We all wonder what will happen or how things will be when we are no longer on this earth. The beat was taken from the song "Look Around" by The Beatnuts featuring Dead Prez.

Soon you will be performing on one of the biggest festivals in Africa (Back to the City Festival). How are you feeling right now as you will be sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in S.A Hip Hop?

Getting booked to perform at Back To The City Festival is a huge achievement for an unsigned artist. I'm so excited because I'll be performing alongside my all-time favorite rapper, Pro-verb and artists that I've listened to for years before. I would never have thought that I would get the opportunity to share a stage with them. I still remember receiving a call from Osmic (one of the organizers), and the first person I shared the news with was my Mother. I told her I'm going to Johannesburg and I mentioned the artists I would be performing with but she didn't know any of them. Then I said I would raping with artists who appear on TV (laughs), then she replied "Your music is really coming along. I hear your song all the time on Umhlobo Wenene FM even at night.", referring to 'Xa Ndifile'.

Any message for your haters? Lol 
No I have nothing to say to my haters because I only focus on people who support me. So I would like to send a message to my fans and supporters. Thank you very much for your support from the days of 'Honey' all the way up to where I am today. I appreciate all that you have done to contribute to my success and I couldn't have done it without you.

For people that want your album, how can they get hold of you?

Facebook: MaXhoseni Pateni
Twitter: @Maxhoseni
Email: maxhoseni@gmail.com
Contact Number: 0845578823

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A South African Youth

by V.C. Neguyuni

Hello everyone. I am a South African youth, my name is not that important (...after all, what's in a name?). I come from a very poor family and reside in poor rural setting. I was raised by my mother and my grandparents. The best my mother has is a grade 10 certificate. She has been a domestic maid ever since I can remember. I have never seen my father; I don’t even know his whereabouts. My mother was just one of his many wives.

I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into the foundation phase for a chemistry degree in a town university after passing my matric with a bachelor. I am on government’s financial aid. Varsity life is something else; they say “life is fast. But surely, varsity life is even faster.” I was persuaded to taste alcohol in a residence orientation; it seemed a so cool thing then. Never had it crossed my mind that it was addictive and now I spend my food allowances on alcohol. It goes down well with a cigarette, so they said. There goes another addiction.

It seems to be a curse not to have many girlfriends in this part of the world. You are given a king status for having multiple partners. Girls are applauded by friends for getting laid, at least. Boys are given a handshake for finally getting her down, for that one night stand, for breaking her virginity. They say here in this part of the world that “virginity is not dignity but lack of opportunity” and they can debate it better than anyone. When Ishmael recited his “oath” which stated that “I vow, that so long as I have breath in my body, nothing, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor the gloom of night, shall keep me from the call of destiny, whatever the cost maybe, I shall fight”, they merely looked at him and shrugged their shoulders in that manner that says “and then?”

I became friends with this other girl; she happens to become a very good friend of mine. Here in the cities, the term for her is “friend with benefits.” But Mokhithi said “her legs are like rumours, they spread everywhere she goes”, Makatu proposes that sadly, "her legs would only come together in a coffin” courtesy of the deadly virus. I deceived her other friend, an innocent first year, and we had sex without condom. She was a virgin, but now she’s preparing for her days as a mother.

In the rural areas, he lied again and she believed. That's my youngest sister and she is pregnant again. Yes again, the first pregnancy was aborted. Are we now heading for the second abortion? There is more truth than just views about what Joshua observed about her. He came to realize that “she falls in love with married men. Almost all the guys she has dated are married. If you are not married, you are not her candidate.”

How can I forget Naftan’s observation? He recited, “I looked around and all I witnessed was the fellow brothers fighting for the leftovers and sisters willing to do whatever it takes to get that child grant.” It looks like home girls are competing, seemingly expectant of some reward, to get pregnant at a youngest possible age.

My best friend from school was not fortunate enough to get a bachelor. He too is from a very poor family and the diploma that he got seem to be not helping him. He has not been accepted in any of the tertiary institutions that he applied. Private colleges have a place for him, but finance is the sole restrictive factor. Rumour has it that he’s indulging himself into much traditional beer. He’s slowly but surely disintegrating, i heard. Why didn’t anyone tell him about the public F.E.T colleges in time?

The girl from the house near mine failed matric after repeating a few lower grades. A certain rule goes that you don’t repeat matric in her school, for whatever reason. There only place she can repeat matric is in private schools. I know for sure that she doesn’t have money for such schools. While waiting to write her supplementary examinations, she too fell pregnant.

Then there is Awe's observation and honest remarks: “You said you are going to leave that church because you are not being used. No, you meant you are not being seen. You bought a car you don’t even enjoy because you want people to see that you have arrived. You didn’t marry a wife but a showpiece because you want to show off in the family reunion.”

I did some soul searching and my fingers trembled as I write this piece, for fear of some truth exposed by this article. Why didn’t I become a better person? Why didn’t I utilize the opportunities presented to me to the maximum? Why didn’t I do my best? The best I could do is to admit to myself….that I am part of those whom Wandile described as “failing our people”

As Lusani would say, “What on earth are you here for?”
Mashudu Mokhithi - Facebook Status
Rendani Makatu - Facebook Comment
Ishmael Tshikhovhokhovho - Facebook Note: The Oath
Joshua Muruge - Facebook Status
Naftan Tshikuvhe - Article: Constipated South Africa as I know it....
Wandile Mamba - Facebook Note: Plea for a change
Lusani Masindi - Article: Life is getting meaningless!

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

CYA (Rapper)


Siyabonga Mngomezulu better known as "CYA" was born in the dusty streets of Ermelo in Mpumalanga 1994 and moved to Dundonald 2001 due to his primary and secondary education.

Like most rappers, he developed the love and passion for music back in high school, being close to his school friends always listening to hip hop music, artist like F Eezy, Maraza, Zulu Boy, Teargas, Pro, Red Button when playing video games. Something you should know about CYA, he's a great fan of video games.

In 2009 CYA decided to start writing his own lyrics, record himself with his phone and let his friends judge him after listening to what he has recorded.

Him and his friends approached some guy who owned a studio in their hood to record them. The guy agreed and they started working.

After recording a couple of tracks in they guy's studio, they decided to buy their own equipment and also formed a group called "Game Quest". They made a name for themselves almost all around Mpumalanga, performing everywhere they can, holding online interviews, traveling, attending gigs.

Early in 2011, CYA hooked up with Hopewell Makhubu better known as "McFAB" . They decided to do a song together featuring a guy called S_BO.

CYA took giant steps to also push his solo music and decided to start a promo solo mixtape that featured many artists & producers from different provinces all over South Africa.

He finished the mixtape in 2012 featuring the likes Of SiL, Swati KhingKhong, Froz, Dr Tragik, Live Wire just to name a few. All the mastering & mixing was done by S_BO.

From there, the boy just clicked to the whole lot of people. According to him "Success is not just success for him, but for Mpumalanga as a whole..."

Artists he worked with:

By this short period of time, the boy managed to work with all the artists below:-

*Easy Beez - GP
*McFab - MP
*The Dream - MP
*S_BO - MP
*Sincere - GP
*Profsam - MP
*Anthology - MP
*Globe Trotter - MP
*LilyChamp - MP
*Yenus Production - MP
*Kapitaal beats - GP
*SiL - GP
*Dr Tragik - GP
*Live Wire - GP
*Maximum - GP
*Swatie KhingKhong - GP
*Weza - KZN
*Mr Zetman - EC
*P Master L - KZN
*Froz - GP
*Dj Sablo


*Ligwalagwala FM (NationWide)

- Played And Interviewed On The "Sisonke Midday Grove" Hosted By Khaya

*North West University FM (North West/Mafikeng)

- Played 3 Times On The Show Called "Hiphop Urban Brew" Hosted By Dizz

*Eldos FM (Gauteng)

- Played  A Couple Of Times On The Local Thursday Show "Wake Up With
Your Hands" Hosted By Zoma

- Played Again A Couple Of Times On The "Grand Drive" Show Hosted By
Bionik Forse

*Jozi FM (Gauteng)

- Played Once On The Afternoon Show W/ Dj Cya

*Ukhozi FM (NationWide)

- Performed LIVE On Air And Got Interviewed On The Hiphop Show Called "Clever Unga Give Up" Hosted By Sbo, Tshatha Ugodo And Mojah Pooh.

*Vukani Community Radio FM (Estern Cape)

- Played And Interviewed On The Show Called "Underground Zone" Hosted By Dj Snesh

Click Here To Download/Listen To The Interview :

*I - Radio (Dellas)

- His song tittled "My Way" from the "Beyond Repair Mixtape" got a rotation of airplay on the international radio station based in America (Houston & Dallas) on the show called "We Hustle 365" hosted by Crissy

*BCR (Barberton Community Radio)

- Played A Couple Of Times On Their Top 20 Music Charts On The Show Called "Imbulukusa" Hosted By Bono

*Icora FM (KZN)

- Played On The Hiphop Show Called "Hiphop Zone" Hosted By CB

*Voice Of Wits FM (Johannesburg/Gauteng)

- Played A Couple Of Times On Various Shows

*TUT FM (Pretoria/Soshanguve)

- Played On The Show Called "TUT Network" Hosted By The Dream

*SBIS FM (Swazilanda/Mandzini)

- Yet Again The Single "My Way" Was Played On A Swaziland Based Radio Station, On The MLK Show Hosted By Dj Mdu


He Is Using 80% Zulu & 20% English In His Lyrics But Willing To Use Other Languages When Comfortable. . .


Most He's Being Influenced By The Daily Life Challenges, Using Some Other People's Lives And His Life Expiriences To Compose Music.

Secondly, He Get Inspiration From Other Artists Including Cats Like F_Eezy, Molly, Sbuda P, Mickey M, Lungelo, Zakwe, Pro, KO (Teargas) .


He Is A Prolific Music Writter, His Style Is Palatable And Matured Enough For His Age, Geared For The Radio.

Promisingly Appeals To A Wide Audience But Yet Has A Bit Of Kasi Flavour And Gritty With Catchy English Hooks.


Still Indipendent Working Under "Nabalabantfu Entertainment" Owned By Delani Mofokeng Who Is Currently Managing Dj Euphonik .


Cell: 0843426971
Twitter: @CYA_UyaZI
Email: Cya.uyazi@Gmail.com

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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thandiwe (Song Lyrics)

King Jnr – Thandiwe feat. Chapparol & Aylo [Lyrics]

[Hook] - Chapperol

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe
Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe

Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe
Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe

[Verse 1] – King Jnr

Uh Been beating myself up, I nearly died
Oh, usis’ ebesisthandwa sam
Left for a month came back akasandaz
Tried calling, doors closed
Tried Knocking, a nigga tried
But yen’ usisi lied
Ey, waze wayophul’ intliziyo yam
Thank you for everything best believe I’m doing fine
I’m gone now will love with this broken heart
A man’s pain spreaded all over a song
So long, baby so long, so long, baby so long
Mommy on the roll, so I had to let go
Don’t laugh at my pain coz it might come back yo
I dealt with it, and you might not
Brothers die for love, now I understand

[Hook] - Chapperol

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe
Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe

Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe
Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe 

[Verse 2] – King Jnr

Sweet thing, only wanted great things
The other guy, hope he treats you well you deserve it
And that book I landed you, you can have it
And when I see you again expect Hi
But everything you said to me, was it all lies?
Hay masiy’ yeke maan, never mind
Bend’ fun’ uklwela but you don’t want that
Moving on, it’s all right
You never said much was it all inside?
Yeah man, you know problem is I really loved you
But yeah man, to prove that sometimes you just have to let go you know
So ya I’m letting you go, Bye

[Hook] - Chapperol

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe
Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe

Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe
Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe 

[Verse 3] - Aylo

Bendinamaphupho nawe
Mna nawe s’ suka kude
Ubulithemba lam
Ndikhala kuwe
Ntlungu zam zaziwa nguwe
Undishiyile, hamba
Wen’ ubulithemba lam
Sthandwa sentliziyo yam
Sinamaphupho, Thandiwe

[Hook] - Chapperol

Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe
Wen’ Ubulithemba lami
Yeza lentliziyo yami
But I guess my love was never enough, hamba Thandiwe
Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe
Ndim’ shiyile, hamba Thandiwe

 [Outro] – Chapparol

Hamba Thandiwe
Thandiwe, Oh hamba, Oh hamba

#The song will be on King Jnr's upcoming mixtape titled [hashtag legendary] dropping in June.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


4th of April 2013.
This is going down at Ragazzi Live Bar.7 Loop Street. Cape Town.

7pm-2am.R30 @the door. Transport available at a cost price of not more than R20.


·         Christie FossilSoul,
·         Nkosazana,
·         Mbongeni Tshonolo.


·         MishyPoetry,Khanyiso,
·         Ziphozakhe Hlobo,Mnqobi Da Zulu Poet,
·         Cynazo Black Chick Poet,
·         Athi La'Nina.SLAM POETS: Kubla fivesenses (PE),
·         Dimakatso Sebolai (JHB),
·         Darkblood (PE)


·         SSK,Rivln Clique,Cool G,
·         Jargon Music.
·         BOOMBAP:
·         Zanzolo,
·         The Lab,
·         Sim The Binary,
·         Solitude,
·         Andy Leigh,
·         Supreme Soul,
·         Bonzaya Street Tyrant.


The Lab. . . Is a crew that was formed in 2011 in Queenstown by D.I.G(simamnkele mtalatala) & Blaq Scientist(luzuko sonti). . . Deriving from a crew Optical Combat which was star...ted in the year 2004 and ended before the formation of The Lab. This crew is now bases in Cape Town,khayelitsha in site B. . . Doing hip-hop muzik with a little bit of ragga and soul. . . Also beatmakers working under FiRe Burn Records. . . With Matic. The Lab has performed @ Isidudla se hip-hop. . . June 16 comemoration( @ Fawu's with Ian Kamau, Zanzolo) and RIVLN clique's mixtape launch(with nake myndz, ssk) hosted by Aron Moloitse. . . The Lab worked on their first project called "welcome to The Lab" as a plan of kick startin their journey.

by Nwabisa Sonkqayi

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