Monday, 22 April 2013

Catching up with Maxhoseni (Ikhoboka Lenyaniso)

Ola bhut’ Maxho uright?

Kuryt baba zthin

All good fam, khawutsho ke since a lot of people bekugqibele k’ dala what have you been up to?

I have been recording verses for artists from KZN, JHB and Eastern Cape. It was great playing a part in contributing to these artists albums and mixtapes. As a former host for a Hip-Hop show on Ekhephini Community Radio I have grown within the craft of entertaining. In the past lots of my time was spent motivating and paving the way for other artists, but this year it's all about MaXhoseni.

Your new album, tell us more about it. Who did you work with, when did it drop, how is it doing etc.

"Music for the listeners" is something from the soul that will change the lives of many who take the time to listen to it as it speaks to each individual and has a resounding message of hope and motivation to fight through all challenges in life. The project was released in March this year and I've worked with JayTip, Dilaska, Sabza, X the Green Panther, Sixfo, Chillimane, Azaria Beatz, Dogg Squad, Lali-Boy & Un-decided Crew. This project has a bonus track "Kleva Unga Give Up" by Da Nombika feat. Lastee, Tellaman & Rajah. I am now busy with Radio interviews and performances around E.C to promote the project and ensure that it reaches the people. The response I have received has been great and I'm loving all the feedback received from those who have purchased my CD.

From back to the Lampiter Clan days to now, how have Maxhoseni grown as a writer and MC?

I don't just write for the sake of writing. I make sure that each verse I write has an influence and makes an impact on the listener. I write about issues that everyone can relate to.

You have a new crew now (Password Crew). Tell us more about that and where do you fit in as the only spaza rapper in the crew?

Everyone has their own fresh style in the crew. We are all unique so I don't feel like I'm the only one who stands out.

Should we expect something new from Password Crew? 

People should expect our new single "Till We Meet Again". It talks about our differences caused by the places/communities that we live in. The crew initially started with us all staying in Cape Town but we have now separated. I'm in E.C, Dilaska is based in Cape Town and JayTip & Sabza are in Johannesburg.

You’ve been to a lot of places including Johannesburg, are people feeling Spaza Music?

People have been receiving Spaza Music very well. If we could work together just with the same unity shown by artists who make Motswako, Spaza would grow and become dominant within the mainstream music scene.

You once mentioned that you are signed with Intloko Zenyoka Entertainment. Are you still with them?

No I wasn't signed with them but I joined their movement while I was in Cape Town, so that I could push their mixtapes there and they did the same for my music in the EC. And yes, I still work with them. I have just produced a beat which will be in Iintloko Zeenyoka's upcoming album.

The track “honey” is a classic and everyone loves it. Do you think things would’ve been the same if you didn’t have a classic track like that behind you?

My listeners really love that track and my lil sister (Linamandla Pateni) knows every word to that song. Honey has opened many doors for me and had it not been recorded I may have not been as well-known or even given the opportunity to do interviews such as this. I just hope that one day Zenande Mfenyana (Noluntu Memela on Generations) would hear the track and respond to my Tweets. Who knows? We may just become the hottest couple in future.

Now you have “Xa Ndifile”, tell us more about the joint.  Who produced it, what it’s all about etc.

'Xa Ndifile' is just a song which I released on the internet. I did not make it with the intention of making it a single but I realized that listeners really liked it, so I decided to distribute it to radio stations. After submission this track has been play listed on Umhlobo Wenene FM, TruFM, Mdantsane FM and other local radio stations. It has made it to the Top 10 hottest hip hop songs on Motsweding FM. The song talks about something everybody thinks about. We all wonder what will happen or how things will be when we are no longer on this earth. The beat was taken from the song "Look Around" by The Beatnuts featuring Dead Prez.

Soon you will be performing on one of the biggest festivals in Africa (Back to the City Festival). How are you feeling right now as you will be sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in S.A Hip Hop?

Getting booked to perform at Back To The City Festival is a huge achievement for an unsigned artist. I'm so excited because I'll be performing alongside my all-time favorite rapper, Pro-verb and artists that I've listened to for years before. I would never have thought that I would get the opportunity to share a stage with them. I still remember receiving a call from Osmic (one of the organizers), and the first person I shared the news with was my Mother. I told her I'm going to Johannesburg and I mentioned the artists I would be performing with but she didn't know any of them. Then I said I would raping with artists who appear on TV (laughs), then she replied "Your music is really coming along. I hear your song all the time on Umhlobo Wenene FM even at night.", referring to 'Xa Ndifile'.

Any message for your haters? Lol 
No I have nothing to say to my haters because I only focus on people who support me. So I would like to send a message to my fans and supporters. Thank you very much for your support from the days of 'Honey' all the way up to where I am today. I appreciate all that you have done to contribute to my success and I couldn't have done it without you.

For people that want your album, how can they get hold of you?

Facebook: MaXhoseni Pateni
Twitter: @Maxhoseni
Contact Number: 0845578823

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