Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Catching up with Sixfo

Kasi Music Kona: Awe Sixfo, hope you good fam. Tell our readers a bit about you man, I know some of them think they know you lol

Sixfo: *laugh*, well I communicate with my fans on the daily, you know...the little things like ''how was your day?'' and stuff. But yeah, I'm just cool with my fans like that.

Kasi Music Kona: Nice, Your music dawg any special recipe? I know a lotta cats that need it out here lol

Sixfo: If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now would it? *laughs* Na man, there's no secret recipe, I'm just one of the lucky few who maintain their creative freedom. When I record, I do what I want and well...everybody seems to like it. People get tired of hearing about bottles poppin' and sh** so...I give them an alternative.

Kasi Music Kona: Awe, You dropped a new EP. Tell us a bit about it.

Sixfo: Searching for Kimosabe is like, the sequel to my Premosabe mix tapes and well, I put it out 'cause like, I hadn't released any new material in a while so this was my ''apology'' if you will, to my fans. It's kinda like a story basically.

Kasi Music Kona: Jhb, the hip hop scene that side. Is it a scene you wish every province in South Africa could have?

Sixfo: Nope, in Joburg it's too much of an inner-circle kind of thing where the cool kids rule and the rest end up starving. My ideal hip-hop scene would be...hmmm, the scene in the UK...yeah...

Kasi Music Kona: You produced a couple of joints on iFani's new album. I see a number of people are feeling your beats, and your music is doing well on the other side. Next Kanye in the making maybe?

Sixfo: Na, look yo I believe that the only person one should ever aspire to be is a better version of themselves yabo. It's all about originality, man and just doing you..y'know?

Kasi Music Kona: Hahaha Feel you man, sometime last year we heard you got some deal. How's that going?

Sixfo: It's going swell, got a great team hey. It's SoundMinds Records and basically myself and 3 guys just thought hey...let's make our own label and the rest is...well, history.

Kasi Music Kona: When are you dropping your debut album? and the joint album with you and Maxhoseni still happening?

Sixfo: Well, my debut should be in...August/September. The project with me and Maxhoseni at the moment is TBA 'cause I haven't heard from homey yet so...I'm still waiting.

Kasi Music Kona: Ayt fam, title of your debut album and the meaning behind it? Well, I know you rappers and meanings lol

Sixfo: Avantgarde...the title has a dictionary definition. *breaking out in laughter*

Kasi Music Kona: Lol ayt fam. Will Lwansta be one of the features on it? Some family love.

Sixfo:Of course, gotta put the young'n on y'know?

Kasi Music Kona: Awe_One S.A rapper you feelin' right now?

Sixfo: Man, it can only be Mr ImSoSoGood himself - Lwansta. That's just about it.

Kasi Music Kona: Hahaha Yessir_any message for em kids tryna live out there through music?

Sixfo: I like answering this question. Kids, if you wanna make it in this business you gotta do two things: 1. Work hard and 2. Work smart and most importantly...independence is key.

Kasi Music Kona: Fam thank you for your time, looking forward to "Avantgarde". Where can people get hold of you?

Sixfo: Well, I'm a twitter addict so yeah...@sixfo_sa. Facebook: Sixfo and BBM: *reserved for single, fly females* -wink wink, nudge nudge-

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  1. Mmmhmm interestng cant wait 4 the album tou. Lol sapha lo bbm pin