Monday, 10 June 2013

Naugh Naugh Pre Launch [Review]

by Stevinioh Wanda

I was able to go to the pre-launch of Naugh Naugh wich was held in Mfuleni. Even though the weather was bad the turn out to the event was not bad.

Firstly on this event I'm gonna be blatantly honest and note that the following comments are simply my opinions and they do not belong to Kasi Music Kona. Also note that I was late for the event and I also left early. Even though I was late for the event when I got to the event it still didn't officially start.

This was the most poorly organized "Spaza" event i've been to in MY OPINION. When we got there the hosts of the show were busy entertaining themselves and the crowd by spittin some lines from their songs on some instrumentals so I can't really say they were freestyling. I was also disappointed by the fact that the mc's that I wanted to see that were on the line up did not perform and were not present on event day. The fact is I traveled on a rainy day for two hours for nothing but disappointment. What's worse is that I payed to go in as I was late. If I didn't know better I'd say some Mc's names were put on that line up to attract crowds, but I can't say that though.

Three good things about the event is Abo who blew me away with his performances, I can't wait to hear more of his work. The hosts of the show did a good job in keeping us entertained while we were waiting. People who were late for more then two hours including Mcs had to pay which is a good thing and I would suggest that all shows support that rule. In the end we do this for the love of hip hop and biggups to all organizers and mcs. If we all stand together we can make this movement bigger then it is now.

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