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Kasi Music Kona Compilation Vol. 1 [Tracks Review]

1. Mapiwe - My Song
Opening the compilation is Mapiwe with "My Song". Sampling Elton John's "Your Song", whoever the producer is, didn't do bad at all. Mapiwe takes some time to do what rappers hardly ever do - expressing their gratitude to their supporters. Homeboy sounds comfy on the mic and he rides this beat with some confidence but my advice would be that he sticks to rapping in his mother tongue. Not bad. [by Sabza]

2. Simphiwe Kasirap - Loxion Management
On this song, Simphiwe expresses his regrets about slacking in matric and the misery of the aftermath the following year(s) - facing financial difficulties, ending up being a zol smoker and being 'forced' to becoming 'umahlalela'. This is a song most black youths (especially in the townships) will relate to. Spitting in township slang over an okay beat by Al El Phuric, Simphiwe tells his story effortlessly and quite honestly too. Simphiwe's rhyming style is reminiscent of the likes of Siya Shezi and most 'kasi rap' acts. Decent. [by Sabza]

3. CYA - My way
On the third track of the compilation, autotune shows its ugly face. Sounding like something out of a playlist of a modern radio station, the beat reminds me of DJ Khaled's "All I do is  win". Already put off by the hook, I force myself to listen further (who knows? I could be wrong). The verses on the track are okay (for the lack of a better word). It's one of those songs about having 'made it' and having 'haters'...sigh! If you are into club bangers, you might want to give this a try as dude does maintain his energy throughout the track.  May be it's my personal bias but this one didn't work for me. [by Sabza]

4. Chapperoll - Run Away
One thing you can never take away from Chapperoll is that he's talented as fuck. Having killed hooks for a couple of CT rappers, he comes with a solo joint. Does it live up to the hype? I'm not quite sure. Firstly, I think the beat could have been better - it sounds a bit empty and incomplete. The hook is strong, done in ragga style as we've grown to know Chapperoll. One would be forgiven for thinking this is a Bongo Riot song. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. The verses on the song aren't bad either and dude does manage to make one overlook the mediocre beat. Not bad. [by Sabza]

5. Styles - Smoko (feat. Chapperoll)
Smoko is one of those laid backs with a cool vibe to it. Do not let that get you thinking that this may be a Rnb rap kind of a track, on the contrary it isn't. This song is very conscious and we can all learn a thing or two about friendship when we listen to this track. I feel this track so much that I won't give away much information about it, that's how much respect I have for Styles. Get the track and listen to it to understand how I feel.
The track has Matic on the beat and it features Chapperoll on the hook. Production is on point, Chapperoll obviously killed the hook and Styles yet again showed us why he is one of the best lyricists in the Spaza scene. [by Stevinhio Wanda]

6. Voice 2 Voice Fam - Ngxaki Yam
After listening to the whole joint, I still couldn't figure out what the 'ngxaki' being talked about really was here - and there's supposed to be only one of it. May be my Xhosa isn't that good. The beat sounds like something out of a Rick Ross mixtape especially the rhythm and heavy bassline. The hook is autotuned and the brothers are really not doing that by mistake but because they love it as one of them rhymes,"I fuck with the autone more than uT-Pain." This is yet another track about being 'the best' and being better than the rest (like we haven't heard enough of those already). Such tracks are usually well received especially in live shows. The autotuned hook compliments the beat which will have one vibing and the lyrics could impress some, especially if you are into egotistical punchy lyrics. Like it or not? Personal choice. Personally I wasn't sold. [by Sabza]

7. KR - Ewen (feat. Maraza)
The beat to this jam is straight out of the golden era (that's the mid 90s now, kid) - smooth characterised by mellow keys but with a vibey rhythm. I'm getting interested now expecting some lyricism but alas! it's a party song. Yes, the song is about a party. KR, in typical Motswakolista fashion, rides the beat with some 'swag' and a catchy flow and the hook takes off where his verses leave off. Maraza makes an appearance and keeps up to KR's energy and 'feel' but brings nothing special to the track nonetheless. I kinda liked this one. [by Sabza]

8. King Jnr - What Happened To Me?
One thing I've always appreciated about this dude is his honesty and passion. His tracks always have a clear concept and he sticks to it throughout. This one is not any different. Doing some self introspection and reflecting on how he became a drug addict over a Shaka Zulu beat with a high pitched repetitive sample, he spits with emotion and one can't help but believe his story. One criticism though is the monotony of his flow. Like or not? Entirely up to the listener. [by Sabza]

9. Test - EyeeNtsatshana
EyeeNtsatshana is one of those songs which carry a positive message and at the same time that you can dance to. Production is on point and this is Test at his best.
The song was composed for those young ones who don't listen to their elders and who think their way is the right way. In this song Test is a kid who tries to tell other kids that not listening to their elders could have dire consequences. He also let's the other kids know that if they don't listen to their elders that he won't play with them, in this way speaking to them directly by being one of them.
The song has a Kwaito feel to it because Test is an artist who is inspired by old is school kwaito. It is also very clever that you can dance and sing to a song that teaches you a thing or two.
This is Test at his best as the flows and the message he delivers are on point. The song has a catchy hook witch young kids and older people can dance and sing along to. The beat was produced by Matic and Test adds that Matic is one of the most talented and most patient produces out there. The more I listened to the song the more I fell in love with it, biggups to Test for his amazing creativity and for always doing conscious music. Hip hop needs more artists like Test. [by Stevinhio Wanda]

10. TDBMF - Grooveline pt 2
Smooth, warm organic beat - that Slum Villa vibe. It's a love song offering nothing special. The delivery especially on the second verse could have been better and the beat could have done with a more audible snare. I was able to listen to this one from start to finish, more for the beat than anything else. [by Sabza]

11. Invisible Virus - Just You (feat. Jay Song)
I always have a problem with a cat who spits in English with an improper accent. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying cats should twang and try to sound American (I find that annoying) but one shouldn't sound like a primary school pupil reading a reading comprehension passage aloud in class. Well, I'm not saying IV sounds like that but his accent doesn't convince me. Apart from that, this is a decent love song, with a decent beat and a very promising hook - well done Jay Song. [by Sabza]

12. Homz Ngqawa - Last Words (feat. Siya Q)
Yet another autotuned hook, Nigerian style. Seriously the hook sounds like it's off a Nigerian hit. It's a mellow love joint or rather a relationship joint, more specifically, love gone wrong. T.I wouldn't sound lost over this beat. Homz's delivery compliments the beat, his words are audible and he manages to mix English and Xhosa quite well. I enjoyed this one. [by Sabza]

13. Lyf Sentence - Story Sam (feat. Chapperoll)
In typical Spaza rap fashion, this cat has a lot of energy and is quite loud. The verses are nothing special though but homie spits his lungs out and his flow never lets him down one time. Chapperoll assists homeboy on the hook and does a good job as usual. Not bad. [by Sabza]

14. Gudfellaz - YBG
This duo don't beat about the bush when it comes to expressing their opinions. On this joint, they appreciate the opportunities bequeathed to young South Africans in present day thanks to our parents' struggles during the apartheid era. Quite unusual as the South African youth is known for complaining, bitching and blaming all things on the government. Shaka Zulu provides an okay beat that allows the two MCs to spit their souls out with vigorous conviction especially Lemzin. Not bad.

15. Sabza - Going Through A Lot (feat. Sixfo)
"Going through a lot" by Sabza is one of those songs which takes a person into a deep level of consciousness and in most cases brings forth that sincere feeling of nostalgia.
In this song Sabza expresses what most of undoubtedly feel most of the time, so everyone will definitely be able to relate to this song. In this song Sabza tells us how he feels and how life has left his state of mind. In this song Sabza conveys his feelings and tells us that music is his only chance of as survival because the problems of the world that he faces have just became too much for him. He also makes sure that we don't think that he complains to much but tells us his side to his story.
Sabza features Sixfo on the hook and it was a wise move as Sixfo nailed this one on the head. The track is produced by Jay Tip one of the best young talents SA music has to offer. The track is on point and well done to Sabza for keeping his rap tone on the same level as the mood and topic of the song. I can definitely relate to this track so I would give it a 5/5 and it is perfect for that sunday afternoon chillas or whenever you feel that life is too much. This song will make you realize that you are not the only one. [by Stevinhio Wanda]

16. Qhawe - I'm your fan
With the hook going "To all my single mother, to all my single fathers...I am your fan" Qhawe appreciates the strugglers and survivors on this one over a 9th Wonder like beat. This is a decent song with a clear and well executed concept. [by Sabza]

17. Skypfour - Go Gaga remix (feat. Ex-Hoza)
This is the most bizzare and most confusing part of the compilation. This is some of that Nigerian pop/dance stuff overplayed by Channel O - the Wande Coal, D'Banj autotuned, high tempo shit that makes even a skeptic like myself want to just stop 'hating' and dance the grumpyness off. I'm really not sure how to review this but if you are into Nigerian music, this Skypfour and Ex-Hoza cut will mos def do for you. [by Sabza]

18. Dilaska - Home
I guess the 'save the best for last' concept was applied here. Over this mellow beat by Chemist,one third of versatile crew, Password, Dilaska pours his soul out to his younger brother who he is hardly ever with 'cause of distance. May be the autotune on the hook could put a few purists off but the flawless flow, emotional and heartfelt lyrics and the authenticity of this song will have one pressing the repeat button. Well I've been for the past few months. This in my opinion is how music should be - honest and emotional - but that's just me. Dope. [by Sabza]

The Compilation will be up for downloads very soon. 

All thanks to Sabza and Stevinhio Wanda for the reviews.

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