Friday, 28 March 2014


by Mpendulo Mabindisa

One guy that has been making a lot of noise in the Eastern Cape music scene is none other than Lush, yes lo weCapital Effect. We managed to connect with this multi-talented artist and this is how it all went down:

Ola Lush, Kunjani fam?

All good my brother.

Awe, okay man. I downloaded your song "Iphupha ne Xesha" and man, I was blown away and really happy that it was playlisted on 5FM. Take us from the beginning to where Lush is right now.

I got inspired, my moms use to sing, and the texture in her voice was like no other. It was so deep and traditional as at home we grew up to traditional Xhosa customs and family gatherings, my mom also use to take me with to her choir practice at church. I remember the lead singer who inspired me, he's name was Chris from JHB. I had actually started writing and rapping by then and it was around 1996 at the age of  12. It was when I saw the likes of Amagroves, Chiskop and Boom Shaka on our screens, and my first song was titled 'ITS ABOUT TIME' lol.....From there on I never stopped, with groups I assembled and also doing it solo up until I met 'Outsiders' my first serious crew members being Luzuko Makasi, Luvuyo Kaulela, Simbone Inyange and Luckeez Mfowetu in 1999. We pushed hard doing shows all over Eastern Cape, some members had to leave for education and I was left with Simbone and Luckeez. We carried the torch until 2004 when we met Zet Entertainment owned by Zama Jaza, the man who made all of us who we are today because of having so much belief in us. In 2006, I started my own solo route at Silver Getho Productions where I met Nathi B, Mavee and Andile Seskhona. We were unstoppable as we ruled the streets doing shows with huge support from the whole Eastern Cape, I then entered the Nik NAks competition and out of more than 2000 entries I made it to the Top 5 in JHB Melrose Arch. Umhlobo Wenene played a big role in pushing my music, especially Luckeez Mfowethu's show 'Abahlali Abangalali' and not forgetting KC's 'Afternoon Drive' for all the interviews.  After I came back in 2007, I started production and between 2008 and 2010 Simbone went solo and I had an opportunity to produce a song titled 'ADAM' on his first project. In 2008, we formed Capital Effect with Slujah and Beegz, Luckeez and Odwa came in and that was when we recorded our first project. In 2010, I worked with Siseko Kondile and CE on production. Till present we as Capital decided to embark on solo projects to explore as we were solo artists before we formed the crew. So yes, that's where we at. lol.... now that was long. 

You really putting in work man, tell us about the hip hop scene in the E.C.

EC hip hop has always climbed up till today. There is a number of artists who took it further, Manskap, Rhyme Squad , Good Fellaz, Abantu, Khulekani, Gino, Dangatye, Marshals, 100 Pecent Black, Mkapakapa, to name a few.

I wanted to keep this one for later but I'm excited man can't help myself lol, Back To The City, how are you feeling? Already pictured yourself on that big stage yet? Hahaha

Back to the City, I also entered last year 2013 and also made it to the Top 20 and ended up on number 7 but they only needed 5 lol...That was so close, this year the votes are going good so far I pray we make it to the top 5 with effort and pushing hard for campaign though. Prayer needs implementation. 

I know a number of artists that are making great music in E.C and you happen to be one of them. What inspires Lush? and what keeps you going? I know its a rough journey...

I'm mostly inspired by the people honestly. Their day to day triumphs and struggles to make it, their joys and happiness. Mostly, by what God gave me, the foresight to keep elevating no matter the odds, Positive thinkers inspire me a lot and of cause my family, they are everything. 

You rap, sing and produce. Equal love for all of them or there is just one that stands out?

In terms of what stands out regarding my music, honestly its all equal love because none is forced to rule, they all come in different manner lol. Like today I woke up just inspired by rap and yesterday around 3 am I dreamnt of a chorus, woke up and recorded it on my phone just to keep the idea lol...So really I just follow what comes out.

Not so long ago, you did a song with Buntu Jobela. How did that one come about?

Crazy how I met Buntu, saw an update of his about his clan name 'XHAMELA' and I asked him and he confirmed it, I was like "whaaaaat" lol.... From there on we started chatting, I didn't know much about his music but I once saw 'DSO' on stage while we were on Tour in CPT back in 2010 around September with Iintloko Zeenyoka, Yahkeem, Vnec Revolution, Xman, King Lu, Joe Joe. I was blown away by the confidence of their stage presence and delivery, last year we had talks and a song came out. He recorded and sent me to put in a chorus and the song came to life. It's one of my favorite joints believe me, and we still going to work more together. He's a dedicated artist and I respect that, both him and Bongs. There is also Undecided Crew damn that crew is dope and asemancinci amajita they got a great future yhooo, Test I see you. 

Are you open to collabos? Or you did that one only because its BJ himself?

If you can check, as a solo artist I have never released any project but just singles. Basically, people know me mostly off my collabos. I 'm that one artist who believes in that, I believe collabos create friendship and unity among us artists. Lol....but damn they always want me to sing even when i want to RAP hahahaha eish I guess its my own fault nhee. I did songs with Manskap (EC), Iintloko Zeenyoka (EC), Hasty (EC), Buntu Jobela (CPT), Sphura EC, Sensitive, Ngqayi Yakwantu (Uitenhage), Duntone (Uitenhage). DJ TULZ (EC), SOSO Boy (EC), SNH (EC). Blaqseed (PE), Qalazive (PE) to name a few. Now, on process of recording with JAHKONGO (CPT), Nqontsonqa (Grahamstown), Buli (CPT), Truth Exposer (EC), Lord Normz (EC) some are songs I produced. 

Any plans to support your hustle on the standard that you've reached with your music?

The aim is to continue with growth and also on the business side of music as I have no manager or team, but I have to give it to the people damn they give me support so in a way I do feel like I have a team out there. My Facebook , my Mdantsane, Eastern Cape people, ayii bro the support is amazing and they assist me to push more and my wife is the Pillar of it all. The guidance and support she gives me is amazing, I couldn't ask for no better partner. 

Anything that you are currently working on? A project maybe?

I am currently on the proess of recording my album titled 'L4MP' (Love 4 My People). We just wrapped up Normz's album, from recording, mixing, beats to producing, in fact the whole project and Truth Exposers.

Name three South African artists that your playlist can't do without.

South African artists keep growing and the rate of the music being released is so fast that one can't keep up lol......But give me Bongeziwe Mabandla, Kweriz, Odwa we Capital Effect and my current project due for release any time soon lol........

Ifani is doing very well in Jozi, do you think he's paving the way for more Xhosa rappers?

Ifani is a true example of a hard working artist. Indlela ivulekile, sifikile ebhantini and now they know a sample of what we are about as EC in terms of Rap. Big ups to Ifani, I respect him his carrying the flag high but masizame simncedise umjita, EC rappers need to push hard also for the  mainstream because uyedwa ngoku pha, lonto ithi siyadingeka as an army or EC and CPT artists. Driemanskap is there already. 

Okay back to you, most people I've come across know you as just a rapper/singer but not for your production. Is it because you do the rapping and singing so well that they forget the beat lol (jokes) talk to us about your production man and who have you worked with?

Production wise I've produced for Qalazive - (Ziimbi Iindaba), Sensitive - (Thula Sana), Lord Normz's first album and current album due to be released this year, Capital Effect - (Kuyobanini, I know, Getho Youth Remix), Ingoma (my version with Duntone), Travelling (with Siseko Kondile) - Sphura EC - (Kaloku Ndiyakunga) - not released yet, Nqontsonqa and Buli - (Embo) , Couscious from Mtata, Simbone - (Adam), to name a few, and an upcoming song featuring Jahkongo. Some of the song are still soon to be released.

Again, congrats on making it to the top 20 for BTTC 10K challenge. Please share the voting details.

Dankie skeem sam this means a lot, god bless you and your crew and lets make them dreams come true, the time is now. 

For the Back To The City votes kindly sms BEATMCS - LUSH to 32541 sms cost R1 (you can vote as many times you like) also use this link to vote online once a day

Anywhere we can get your music? - Music Link

Any words of inspiration to the brothers and sisters out there hustling?

Continue to dream and make it a reality. Remember those who dare not to dream will live an ordinary life but dreamers view the world with a different eyesight. Be careful of your surroundings when you are hustling, always put god first in everything you do. Put respect in front, in everything you do, respect people no matter how mean they are towards you. The world we live in today can easily distract you from your goals, protect your mind and surround your self with positive beings. Let there be light in your direction. CAMAGU. 

Thank you for your time my brother and all the best for the 10K Challenge, bring it home.


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