Thursday, 5 September 2013


Like most kasi shows the Clash of the Titans show started very late. As we were waiting for the show to start people were slowly coming in even though the overall attendance was not that good. The show started off with an open mic, Izulu LeSthathu, even though they didn't have their beats with them but their energetic performance got everyone bumping their heads. Alpachino and Rajea followed with a killer perfomance that got the crowed singing "Ngo". Some young talent from Delft got everyone entertained, they go by the name of "Golden Boys" and they all about "Ching Ching" (money).

Buntu Jobela did very well as a host, spitting bars in between performances and judging from the crowd's reaction they loved it. My advice to the DJ's though, if they don't practice there won't be perfection so if they won't practice they must not touch anything when an artist is performing because they nearly messed up some artist's performances with their late release of the beat while stopping it for the crowed to get the artist's bars without it. 

One of the best performances on the day was One Movement, they got the crowed jumping and the sisters were screaming like crazy. Ndlulamthi, one the best lyricist you can ever find in Cape Town if not S.A. He came through and blessed everyone, we could all hear every word from him and if it was up to me he would've stayed longer on that stage. TNT Dance Crew, Wah-Li & DSO all gave in their best and I would be lying if I say I didn't enjoy their performances. Axo went in hard and got everyone lifting their feet up with "Carvela Music", I seriously think he should drop the dancing though lol. Password Crew jumped on stage, as they were performing "Home" by Dilaska sound went of and Buntu was addressing the crowd that its late and they are cutting the sound but funny enough one of the DJ's started touching the speakers and the sound was back on. The performance continued and we were blessed with "Home" followed by "I Wanna Be There", all the acts performed 4 tracks but Buntu was going on about time and wanted them to perform only two because Vegita and Madness were also waiting to perform. After begging and begging and Ncedisa joining in they were given a 3rd joint and Dilaska perfomed an unreleased track that is on his upcoming album, the track is featuring Ncedisa titled "Fire Burn" and damn it goes in still remember the hook. I didn't see Phoenix there, I didn't see Naked Myndz there, but nobody bothered to explain to us what happened to them, its only fair because I payed but yeah life goes on right?

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